Concept Car Review-Mercedes

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Car Review for Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

We often complain about the lack of concept cars which truly display what manufacturers can really achieve. Instead of showing what they could do in the distant future, automakers show concepts that closely resemble upcoming production cars. Mercedes-Benz is not one of them, showing off their new concept car, the F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept Car in the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas.

The car is self-driving and boasts 272 horsepower, and can tear to 60mph in just under 7 seconds.

The body of the car is a shiny aluminium with high-strength steel so the passenger is ensured optimal safety and surprising comfort. Large LED light displays cover the front and rear. Although you don’t need to actually drive this car or physically be inside the car to drive said car, if you wanted to drive this automobile yourself the acoustic communication repertoire includes specific spoken navigation instructions, fitting for a comfortable drive without glancing at a GPS system repeatedly.

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Image source: Mercedes-Benz

In the interior of the car, you will find an unusual futuristic design. Tron-Blue outlining surrounds the four white turnable leather bucket seats (for face-to-face arrangement) in the back; and plenty of leg-room which offers a completely cool and comfortable way to get around. Inside of the doors there are display panels which are touchscreen enabled and allow you to search for any information you want, at any given time, such as popular tourist attractions around the globe, and, if you want, you can program the car to go there.

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Image source: Mercedes-Benz

When you climb into the front seat of the car, there is a large panel display which you can use with the eye tracking feature or the swiping feature. You can just move your head to set the temperature with the eye tracker, or you can swipe your hand either horizontal way. By tracking your eyes, if you enabled it, automatically sets the temperature in the car.

You can download the Luxury in Motion from Daimler application to your iDevice or Android, and using that app you can request the car to come to your location using your GPS signal. You can select which door opens automatically for you, which seat position you want (Lounge or Dynamic), what time it should arrive and you can program how many passengers will be in the car so the car sets the seats in the appropriate way. When you confirm your request, the app will tell you what speed the car is going at, what mode it is on (pickup, in this case) how many passengers are in the car and what seats have been enabled. It shows a map above the information panel of the app, a map is shown and you can track where your car is. When it picks you up, it will detect your presence, open the door you selected in the app and swivel the seat around so you can get in comfortably without the hassle of jamming your head in and risking banging your head off the aluminium of the car. When you get in, the car will swivel back to its normal position, and take off.

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Image source: Mercedes-Benz

The hybrid system has a total range of 1,100 kilometres, 200 km of electric driving and 900 km on the electricity of the fuel cell. This compares the car to a normal diesel engine, but with zero local emissions.

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