Auto Review-Mercedes-Benz SLS GT

This is an auto review of the Mercedes-Benz SLS GT final edition, which is a super car, equipped with AMG technology.

Thanks for reading my last post on BMW i8. I hoped you enjoyed it.  Stay tuned for a new website! I hope you enjoy this review on Mercedes-Benz SLS GT!  Abdullah Raza Butt

When thinking of AMG in vehicles, you think of rough and shady figures which will make your ears fall off and eyes pop out of their sockets with their breath-taking speed. This was the case with the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupé and Roadster. The old Mercedes SLS was an amazing bulldog of a car while it was in production, but this year Mercedes discontinued the SLS and added a new car to replace it, called the SLS GT; in this auto review of the Mecedes-Benz SLS GT, I will be listing the differences between the old and new vehicles, and why one should spend £191,000 on the SLS GT instead of £121,000 on the SLS.


Image source: Mercedes-Benz SLS GT

The SLS GT has the same round, curvy body kit like the SLS, but if you view it at an angle, you can definitely see some changes.

The SLS GT has more break horsepower than the SLS, adding 20bhp to the engine. It takes 0.1 seconds faster to reach 62mph. The old SLS could reach a staggering amount of speed, leading up to 196mph, as this one reaches 199mph. This car also features a 6.2 litre V8 engine for revving up to incredible speeds.

This car also has some major exterior changes such as the removal of those incredibly hideous gullwing doors that, if you were to go to a public place, would make you look and feel like a show-off, flashing your hard-earned money all over the place.

This new model makes due with normal, regular doors that you open horizontally, instead of vertically. You also have a choice for the coupé or the roadster.


Image source: Mercedes-Benz SLS GT

The old SLS had an interior that made you feel like you were inside the cockpit of an aeroplane, with dozens of buttons and switches that was like you were going to press the wrong button and send the car flying towards the moon, James Bond style.

This new SLS GT however deems it of S-Class worthy luxury. When you get into the front seat, you no longer feel like you are going to turn on nitrous on a quiet cul-de-sac, you feel like you are not going to feel tired and stressed. You feel…luxurious, as luxurious as in the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept car (also by Mercedes-Benz; see the review of Mercedes’ F 015)

Silver has been splashed everywhere, from the dashboard to the stick-shift, there are four medium-sized heaters below the LCD screen which look like large turbo jet wind turbines. The LCD display features GPS navigation, the ability to watch movies and short video clips, ability for MP3 playing and crystal-clear Bluetooth calling. All of this has been powered by Mercedes’ own AMG.


Image source: Mercedes-Benz SLS GT

This Mercedes SLS GT is a certain equivalent to major popstars such as the Porsche 911 GT or the Porsche GT3, or maybe the BMW M4.

Overall, the SLS GT has:

Same engine as the SLS.

Same shape as the SLS.

But the SLS GT is whole lot more fun, than the SLS AMG.

But is the £70,000 extra worth it? Well, in short….








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